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MaceratingFlo’s advanced toilets and drainage systems


The macerating toilets and drainage systems provide hassle-free plumbing solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. Trust MaceratingFlo to deliver outstanding value for your investment.

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Latest Upgrade Version

MaceratingFlo Ultra 750W Pump is our latest innovation. Developed with extensive customer feedback and market research, it exceeds market standards.

Powerful 750W Pump

Speed 3450 RPM, pump up to 36 ft vertically and 344ft horizontally.

Versatile 4-Inlet Design

Efficiently manage whole-home drainage, save space & reduce costs.

Quiet & Durable

Superior quality seals, offering low noise levels (<45 dB(A)) and IP55 protection.

Dual Use Filter

Activated carbon & ventilation duct filter ensure a fresh & odor-free environment.

Why Choose MaceratingFlo

  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Modern Toilets Design
  • Easy Installation & Clean
  • Life-Time After-Sales Service
  • High Efficiency & Water Saving
  • Premium Quality Seals Extend Life

Quick Tips on Macerating Toilet & Macerator Pump

Macerating toilet, known as upflush toilet, is a type of toilet that can grind waste and toilet paper into a liquid form and then pump it upwards into the sewer pipe.

Macerator pump toilet installation is a DIY job that won’t break the bank. It’s easier than typical plumbing and knowing how a macerator works gives you a head start!


Our pumps are designed to be installed and not serviced. The MaceratingFlo pump is sealed and should not require any maintenance for the duration of its lifespan. However, if necessary, it can be disassembled and serviced. Please refer to our Installation Manual for guidance. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone.

To ensure optimal performance, we recommend that you only dispose of urine, faeces, and regular toilet paper in our product. Please refrain from throwing any other items in the toilet. Additionally, we suggest replacing the activated carbon once a year.

No, you do not need any special sink or shower for our product. However, we recommend having a licensed plumber install both to ensure proper installation. Please note that the shower floor should be elevated 3-5 inches to prevent standing water in the shower.

Yes, our macerating toilet full kit comes with an extender that allows the pump to be mounted on the other side of the wall. This means that the pump can be installed outside an external wall if necessary.

Yes, some local codes require venting to a stack through the roof, and we recommend following these codes. Please do not use an air admittance valve. Our pump includes a dual-use filter that allows air to escape as the water and waste enter and enter when the pump turns on. The port for the charcoal deodorizer is a common way for users to connect to a vent. Please note that the lip of the port is short, but a ring clamp can be used if you are careful.

Before installing our macerating toilet, you will need to install the drain that it will hook into behind the wall (or wherever you want it). Then, it is just two bolts into the floor (we suggest tiling before so it is on top of the tile). Our product includes a vent filter, so you do not need to vent outside. Lastly, you will need a GFI outlet. While it is recommended to have the floor and sheetrock installed before installing the toilet, it may make sense to have the unit on hand for the rough-in. If you have any questions or concerns about the installation process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

No, there is no need to turn off the water source or power during periods of non-use. Our product does not use water or power unless the flush button is pressed. Therefore, you can leave the toilet as is without any issues.