Macerator Pump Working Principle Video

Macerator pump doesn’t require much space and needs no major construction. So, not essential to break the wall or floor for bathroom renovation. You can providentially fix the macerating pump for the basement. Installing the macerating system is becoming easier and helping to add and transform the bathroom in whatever area you want. The toilet pump working principle is not rocket science. The notion is straightforward. MaceratingFlo rear-discharge macerate toilet pump is compatible with your favorite shower stall and sink. The macerator units are user-orientated, and you can seamlessly put in a vent connection on that pump.

  • Make use of the provided coupling, which comes in the installation kit.
  • From the sink, attach the drainpipe with the lower 2-inch inlet of the macerating pump.
  • Link the 2nd inlet of the toilet pump with the drainpipe from the shower connection via the given discharge elbow.
  • Smoothly link the discharge pipe that should be 3-quarter-inch.
  • Use the 4-inch provided coupling to connect the primary inlet of the macerating pump with the toilet. 

Let’s have a quick peek at the macerate pump system working principle.

  • Blades do the maceration of the waste.
  • The float switch starts functioning.
  • Meanwhile, the microswitch sets the impeller in motion.
  • It will commence pumping out all the waste from the macerating system.

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